• Open Source

    Fully open source and not cloud based programming.

  • Quick setup

    Install it in your Android device and you are ready to go. No need to install anything in your computer.

  • Superfast to code with

    Code, run, stop, repeat without breaking your creative workflow.

  • Javascript-based

    The language of the web supercharged with native Android functions and powerful libraries thanks to Mozilla Rhino.

  • Easier Peripherals

    Ever wanted to connect an Arduino via OTG, bluetooth or your midi controller? Few lines of code and you are ready to go.

  • Connect to the world

    OSC, Websocket, HTTP GET/POST requests, Bluetooth, NFC

  • Simple to use

    Simple Media, Sensor, UI & network APIs. Forget about writing hundreds of lines for basic things.

  • Awesomic libraries

    Processing, LibPd (Pure Data), Open Street maps


Current version 1.0

The following download links are the "official" ones.
Downloading Phonk from any other link will NOT guarantee the correct function of the app.